Review: Bobbi Brown’s “Smokey Eye Mascara”



Scheduled for release in late September 2013, Bobbi Brown’s “Smokey Eye Mascara” promises “thicker, fuller, bolder lashes in a single super-saturated stroke.”

We’ll see if this mascara lives up to the company’s claims!

Having received a sample from my local Bobbi Brown counter, the container is smaller than the actual size, but the wand is the same. It appears to be your standard cylinder-shaped mascara wand — no frills here:

This mascara, in the shade “Blackest Black,” adheres smoothly to the lashes. I disagree with the statement that it delivers “thicker, fuller, bolder lashes” in a single stroke….but it DOES deliver them with 3 coats!

Very nice indeed! This mascara does frame the peepers with a glorious dark fringe. It delivers volume and length — albeit with 3 coats. Of note, I experienced no clumping, smearing, or fading as the day progressed. “Smokey Eye Mascara” is not a holy grail mascara in my opinion, but it is a very good one — and well worth the purchase. The perfect finishing touch to a smokey eye 🙂

Final Verdict: 4/5 Stars

Now available at for $28. Coming to Sephora and Bobbi Brown counters in October 2013

Disclosure: Special thanks to Mrs. Donna at my local Bobbi Brown counter for furnishing the sample! 🙂 As always, the opinions expressed in this review are my own.

Review: Bobbi Brown’s “Pale Pink” Blush


For many years, Bobbi Brown has been my favorite cosmetics brand. The look personified by her models is that of a polished, ladylike career woman. Her company crafts and markets natural, “my-face-but-better” makeup — consistent with Bobbi’s unique beauty philosophy — which is always office-appropriate.

One of the flagship products from her line is blush, particularly her classic blush in the shade “Pale Pink.”

It is a vibrant, cool-toned pink blush which looks downright scary in the pan, but which imparts that healthy “just-in-from-the-cold” flush and reminds me of dainty porcelain doll cheeks. It is a totally matte blush, with no hint of shimmer. Many prefer this sort of blush finish since it looks more natural — consistent with Bobbi’s philosophy, of course 🙂

Wearing the blush:

The blush lasted all day.

As if you needed any more temptation to grab this blush, I have one more interesting tidbit.

“Pale Pink” imparts a royal flush — literally!

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, purchased all Bobbi Brown products for her wedding day makeup and was even instructed by Hannah Martin, a prestigious Bobbi Brown makeup artist in the UK.

You guessed it — Kate wore this blush to the royal wedding!

Below is a face chart released by the company, detailing the exact look and products used by the duchess that day:

Final Score: 5/5 Stars

Available at and