Review: Bobbi Brown’s “Pale Pink” Blush


For many years, Bobbi Brown has been my favorite cosmetics brand. The look personified by her models is that of a polished, ladylike career woman. Her company crafts and markets natural, “my-face-but-better” makeup — consistent with Bobbi’s unique beauty philosophy — which is always office-appropriate.

One of the flagship products from her line is blush, particularly her classic blush in the shade “Pale Pink.”

It is a vibrant, cool-toned pink blush which looks downright scary in the pan, but which imparts that healthy “just-in-from-the-cold” flush and reminds me of dainty porcelain doll cheeks. It is a totally matte blush, with no hint of shimmer. Many prefer this sort of blush finish since it looks more natural — consistent with Bobbi’s philosophy, of course 🙂

Wearing the blush:

The blush lasted all day.

As if you needed any more temptation to grab this blush, I have one more interesting tidbit.

“Pale Pink” imparts a royal flush — literally!

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, purchased all Bobbi Brown products for her wedding day makeup and was even instructed by Hannah Martin, a prestigious Bobbi Brown makeup artist in the UK.

You guessed it — Kate wore this blush to the royal wedding!

Below is a face chart released by the company, detailing the exact look and products used by the duchess that day:

Final Score: 5/5 Stars

Available at and


Review: Benefit’s New “Rockateur” Blush


Benefit Cosmetics promises that its new rose-gold blush, “Rockateur,” gives a famously provocative flush in a universally flattering shade (see the promo picture below).
Does this new product live up to the hype?

We shall see 🙂

The packaging and size are quite similar to Benefit’s other “box-o-powders.”

The description offered by the website certainly matches the blush itself, with a deliciously golden pink sheen. The blush shimmers but lacks chunky glitter. (The embossing of my own product in the picture is slightly dulled by use.)

Here is the swatch:

As you can see, although the sheen is beautiful, it takes several swipes to build up the pigmentation. The photo above was taken after several swatches of product.

On the face, the blush certainly conveys a healthy peachy-pink flush, not dissimilar to Nars’ famous “O” blush. (This is a family-friendly site, so you can google that particular blush if you are not already familiar with it! 🙂 It also confers a certain rosy glow which renders additional highlighter unnecessary, a feature which I like, without the gritty glitter chunks which often mar other “glowing” blushes.

See my photo below (I’m wearing “Rockateur”):
In short, I think this blush is a quality purchase. The peachy-pink duality of the shade makes it universally flattering for both warm- and cool-toned ladies, as the company promises. It is long-lasting and brings a beautiful sheen to the cheeks. The only reason I am giving the product 4 instead of 5 stars is the pigmentation, which must be built up by multiple swatches.

Final score: 4/5 Stars (****)

This product is available at Sephora and

Dupes include Clinique’s “Precious Posy” and Nars “O”